How to treat your hair before, during and after workout (2023)

How to treat your hair before, during and after workout (2023)

One thing never changes, regardless matter whether you follow the strenuous training regimen of an Olympic athlete or merely maintain a weekly exercise schedule out of necessity for your health and welfare.

When we work out, taking care of our hair is a complete nightmare! Your hair has to deal with perspiration, tight ponytails, and regular washing. So it seems sense that we're all searching for assistance to better take care of our treasured hair.

So say good-bye to the oily roots and dry ends that often develop after a workout.

We'll walk you through the ideal hair care regimen to take care of your tresses before, during, and after you work up a sweat.:

  1. Pre-workout care
  2. During your workout
  3. Post workout care

Haircare during workout

1. Pre workout care

Even before you choose to "put yourself in good shape", you should take care of your hair. Our body is not the only one that can take a lot of work from training. In this case, the enemy of our hair is mainly sweat, which is sprinkled on the entire surface of our scalp after physical activity. To prevent it from penetrating the hair structure, we should apply a layer of dry shampoo to the hair before training. Although it is not one of the best friends under normal circumstances, using it before training will prevent the hair from absorbing the sweat generated on the scalp.

Why dry Shampoo?

The reason is superabsorbent powders, such as tapioca or rice starch, which make up a large part of the composition of dry shampoos. These substances literally wait until they have the opportunity to soak up the amount of moisture that is created in the hair area during training. However, this effect is much more effective if we spray our hair with dry shampoo before training. If we choose the opposite procedure and apply dry shampoo to our hair only after training, i.e. j. at the moment when the hair is already wet, we will never achieve such a strong effect. This trick works with any dry shampoo, so you can reach for any product normally available in drugstores.

During workout for your haircare

2. During your workout

Hair damage from exercise may be significantly reduced with proper style. The most crucial area for sweating during exercise is at the level of the neck, thus the first crucial step is to turn the hair up and get it above that level. Care must be made to select the appropriate rubber bands and clips. Hair elastics that are silky or only somewhat elastic should be avoided since they aren't very durable under the often demanding training circumstances. Because of how rapidly their hair goes out, we frequently have to rearrange them. For instance, tightly bunning the hair and fixing it with a little, dependable closing clip works extremely well.

Headband for exercise?

In addition to the hair styling itself, we can also protect the quality of the hair during training with a headband designed for exercise. Such a headband acts as a physical sweat blocker that prevents sweat from the forehead from passing into the hair area. Quality headbands for exercise are made to wick away moisture along the hairline. There are thousands of models available in the market from which you just have to choose yours. However, do not forget that there is absolutely no need to spend unchristian money on these aids. As a basis, a strip of ordinary cotton fabric will be enough for you, which playfully achieves the same results as an expensive headband model from any designer workshop.

try this hair routine during workout

3. Post workout care

The first thing that almost everyone wants to do with their hair after training is to wash it thoroughly and return it to a pleasant, fresh smell. However, hold back! After all, our goal is not to wash your hair after every training session, because it is precisely by excessively frequent washing that it loses its natural protective barrier and gets destroyed. Instead of a stream of fresh water, simply hide them in a shower cap made of high-quality microfiber during the shower. Through its permeable layer, the hair absorbs a sufficient amount of moisture from the inside, not from the outside, thanks to which you effectively prevent unnecessary frizz.

After you get out of the shower, remove the microfiber shower cap and apply micellar spray to your hair. Its composition effectively dissolves unwanted oils present on the surface of the hair, and the convenient applicator in the form of a spray helps its components to penetrate the entire length of the hair, including the roots.

NOTICE: Also whether you have curly hair, straight hair or anything in between, back away from the blow dryer whenever possible. Always opt for a gentle towel dry or air dry for post workout hair. These ways of drying are way kinder to pulled or distressed strands from your workout routine.

Vitamins & Minerals

An essential part of hair care after training is nourishment from the inside, which must be applied daily and give your hair the vitamins and minerals it deserves. Try to receive them in a playful and tasty form through our Hair Gummies.